Moving-out checklist

Moving-out checklist

What is a move-out checklist?

A move-out checklist is a form landlords use to check the condition of a rental property once a tenant is ready to move out. Landlords can use the checklist as they go from room to room, comparing the condition to what was documented during the move-in inspection and making note of any new damages beyond normal wear and tear.

Why is a move-out checklist important?

The results from the move-out checklist can help determine if any portion of the tenant’s security deposit may be used for cleaning or repairs. The move-out inspection form also helps reduce the likelihood of disputes between the tenant and landlord, since preexisting damage is documented in a move-in checklist.

Tip: When signing a new tenant, specify in the lease agreement responsibilities of the tenant and landlord in order to keep the rental in good condition. 

What’s included in a Maryland moving-out checklist?

Our moving-out checklist is organized with a separate section for each room within the rental property so you can easily perform a thorough inspection. The move-out checklist includes:

Columns to keep track of repair costs

A moving-out checklist with columns for repair costs of each item.

Extra fields to personalize the inspection for your property’s features

A moving-out checklist with section for adding personalized property features.

Fields for your tenants’ forwarding address(es) so you can follow up if needed

A moving-out checklist with section for noting a tenant's forwarding address.

Signature lines for up to three tenants

A moving-out checklist with section for landlord and tenant signatures.

Tip: If you have additional bedrooms or bathrooms, print extra copies of pages 2 or 3 from the download as needed.

How do you record the condition of a Maryland rental property?

It’s easy to overlook small things during the tenant move-out inspection. You can use the shorthand in the key below to note issues such as the condition of the carpet, cracked bathroom tiles, or marks on the wall.

A key on a moving-out checklist for shorthand abbreviations.

Tip: You can log more detailed notes in the comments section below each room. Consider taking photos to attach with the form as well.
A moving-out checklist with a section to write personalized comments.

What are common move-out inspection mistakes to avoid?

A Maryland rental move-out checklist can be valuable for landlords and tenants if used correctly. Here are some common mistakes landlords make when it comes time to do a move-out inspection:

  • Prematurely telling tenants they’ll get their full security deposit back before completing the move-out inspection
  • Not communicating the inspection and move-out schedule ahead of time with the tenant
  • Forgetting to document charges

Once your tenant has moved out, the process begins again: Find a great tenant, execute a rental lease agreement, complete a move-in checklist, and hand over the keys. If you’d rather have an “easy button” contact a Reliable Investment Consulting agent today at 301-823-5800 to hire an experienced property manager in Washington, DC, and Maryland marketplace.

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